Acer Aspire E5-532T Windows 8.1 Drivers

Your Acer Aspire E5-532T notebook’s sound or audio not working after Windows 8.1 update? No LAN connection or no Wi-Fi (Internet connection) after installing Windows 8.1? touchpad not responding on Windows 8.1, display driver not responding when playing games? These are Aspire E5-532T driver errors and you need to install to the latest Acer drivers.


You could go to Acer driver download page to look for and manually download the Aspire E5-532T drivers you need, such as Wireless driver,LAN driver,Ethernet driver, etc. We’d like to inform you that many drivers are not available for download any more.

If you can’t find the exact Aspire E5-532T drivers download solution, you could click the button below to free download Aspire E5-532T drivers directly.

Download the latest Windows 8.1 64-bit drivers for Aspire E5-532T

Download Vendor Drivers Version Size
Download Realtek Audio 348.1 MB
Download Atheros Bluetooth 77.3 MB
Download Atheros Bluetooth Driver (NFA335) 228.5 MB
Download Broadcom Bluetooth 186.7 MB
Download Intel Bluetooth 17.1.1450.402 5.5 MB
Download Realtek Card Reader 6.3.9600.39063 8.5 MB
Download Intel Chipset 10.0.26 3.9 MB
Download Intel Serial IO 603.9600.1920.60719 455.9 KB
Download Intel Serial IO 603.9600.2425.60717 456.0 KB
Download Realtek LAN 8.37.1119.2014 5.8 MB
Download Intel Intel TXE 35.8 MB
Download Synaptics Touchpad 605.4 KB
Download ELANTECH Touchpad 7.0 MB
Download Intel USB 3.0 2.8 MB
Download Intel VGA 110.5 MB
Download NVIDIA VGA 385.5 MB
Download Atheros Wireless LAN Driver (NFA335) 228.5 MB
Download Atheros Wireless LAN Driver (NFA435) 77.3 MB
Download Broadcom Wireless LAN 186.7 MB
Download Intel Wireless LAN 165.4 MB

Hope you could successfully download the right Aspire E5-532T drivers for Windows 8.1. Any questions, don’t hesitate to leave comments below.


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